20 May 2024


USD to CAD exchange rates

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100 USD To CAD

100 USD to CAD exchange rate is in constant flux, changing daily, and influenced by dozens of various factors, like monetary expansion, trade balances, interest rates and inflation. Here we have put together a simple chart to see how it has averaged over the years. Despite significant inflation over the past few years, the overall range of USD/CAD rate has been relatively steady and does not deviate that much over long periods of time. The difference of 100 USD to CAD in 2018 and 4 years later in 2022 was only 0.56(USD). However on a day to day basis 100 USD may be several Canadian dollars more or less than annual averages.

100 USD/CAD129.57132.69134.15125.35130.13
Date from the BOC

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100 usd to cad
100 usd to cad