14 July 2024


USD to CAD exchange rates

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USD to CAD traded a little below 1.3700 yesterday and a move lower to the 1.3660 area today suggest “more of the same is likely in the near-term.” USD/CAD has not experienced much movement around the 1.37 area. according to economists at Scotiabank Canada, the Loonie is expected to have a more positive seasonal pattern in the second quarter. currently, USD/CAD is in a steady sideways range lacking variation lately, with prices trending downwards from the mid-march highs near 1.3850. moreover, the rejection of near 1.3700 yesterday and a drop to the 1.3660 area today suggest that this pattern is likely to continue in the near future.

This is otherwise common for this time of year.

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The trade balance between Canada and the United States, a major factor in the exchange rate of USD/CAD, does have a cyclical nature, with Canada’s export volumes increasing in the first half.

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