14 June 2024


USD to CAD exchange rates

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Top 10 Places to Check the USD to CAD Exchange Rate

When traveling, trading, or simply keeping an eye on currency fluctuations, knowing the current exchange rate between the US dollar (USD) and the Canadian dollar (CAD) is essential. Here are ten reliable sources where you can check the USD to CAD exchange rate:

1. USDtoCAD.ca

  • Overview: USDtoCAD.ca is a dedicated website offering a free and easy-to-use exchange rate tool. It provides real-time updates and historical data, making it a convenient resource for anyone needing accurate and timely information.

2. XE

  • Overview: XE is one of the most popular currency converters globally. It offers live exchange rates, historical charts, and a variety of currency tools. The mobile app also makes it easy to check rates on the go.


  • Overview: OANDA provides comprehensive exchange rate data with tools for currency conversion and historical rate analysis. It is widely used by businesses and travelers alike.

4. Google Finance

  • Overview: Google Finance allows users to search for “USD to CAD” and instantly get the current exchange rate along with a simple chart showing recent trends. It’s quick and user-friendly.

5. Yahoo Finance

  • Overview: Yahoo Finance offers detailed financial information, including live exchange rates. It provides news and analysis that can help understand the factors influencing currency movements.

6. Bloomberg

  • Overview: Bloomberg is a leading source for business and financial market news. It provides up-to-the-minute exchange rates along with comprehensive financial analysis and reporting.

7. Investing.com

  • Overview: Investing.com offers a wealth of financial information, including live exchange rates, charts, and financial news. It is a valuable resource for traders and investors.

8. X-Rates

  • Overview: X-Rates provides live exchange rate data and a variety of conversion tools. It also features historical data and charts to help track currency performance over time.

9. The Bank of Canada

  • Overview: The official site of Canada‚Äôs central bank provides reliable exchange rate data. It publishes daily exchange rates and offers tools for analyzing historical currency data.

10. ExchangeRate.com

  • Overview: ExchangeRate.com offers straightforward currency conversion and exchange rate information. It is a simple tool for quick checks and basic currency information.

These ten sources provide a variety of tools and information to help you stay updated on the USD to CAD exchange rate. Whether you need quick, real-time updates or detailed historical data, these resources have you covered.